Pieces of clothing that define your style

Pieces of clothing that define your style

Do you make a bold statement with your style? Millions of women want to, and there are so many ways to express yourself through fashion. Most “stylish” people I know tend to pick pieces they connect to, and then loosely mix those items into outfits as they go, rather than strictly planning around a certain style. If this sounds like you, your spontaneous outfit success could likely flourish if you are building daily looks on top of an arsenal of solid foundation pieces. So what clothing items and accessories are the easiest building blocks toward defining the wearer’s style?

Dina Scherer, an NYC Image & Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Shopper, and owner of Modnitsa Styling, told me that, “the two major aspects that define an individual’s style are their color palette and style personality.” When it comes to building a color palette, you should think about concepts like “contrast level, brightness vs. muteness of pieces, and power shades.”

When it comes to defining personal style, Scherer and her clients come up with “actionable two to three word combinations that describe how they want to be perceived through their style, for example: ‘clean-lined professional,’ ‘effortless chic,’ ‘creative and fun.’ These two criteria give an actionable head-start, and a gut check on every piece of clothing one chooses to buy and how it fits within the feel of those words and color palette.”

Here are some key items that effectively work as markers of each wearer’s style.

Your overcoat

You’ll wear this thing nearly every day throughout the winter season, so it’s worth splurging on the perfect garment for functionality and fashion. A classic black wool or cashmere long coat with a little bit of an edge is great for a stylish city-dweller. And a full-length, goose-down puffy coat is perfect if you’re in need of function above all else.

Scherer says, “A polished trench coat in a bright red, while being a clean-lined silhouette will still reveal that the wearer is bold and confident (and on trend), and an oversized puffer jacket or cocoon coat will give off a sporty-chic vibe.”

A white button-down

There are so many ways to cut, sew, and style a white button-down shirt that the version you choose to rock can speak volumes about you. Are you going with a loose, breezy cotton or linen? Are you dressing up a sharp, white polished look with a string of black pearls? Are you slipping into a frilly blouse with puffy sleeves? The white shirt can be worn in an infinite number of ways, and how you style yours shows the rest of the world just what message you want to portray.

It’s all in the shoes

I have a theory about shoes. Everyone has one of a few general styles of extreme weather footwear. I’m talking a pair of warm, waterproof boots, and a pair of some kind of hot-weather sandals. There are only so many variations available without sacrificing functionality. Because of this, my hypothesis is that the nature of a person’s “in-betweener” shoes says the most about their personal style.

Are you “classic femme”, slipping on brown, black or nude pumps every day? If this is you, take heed. Wearing high heels can do more than just pinch your toes. Consistent wear is linked with several chronic problems and injuries. Still, if a classic, conservative look is what you’re going for, Scherer says pumps are the way to go, “Ageless and always relevant.” But on the other hand, “a cute pair of flats in a funky color or pattern shows off your creativity and artistic side — and urban Pom-Pom sneakers can give your look a quirky twist, and — depending on the color — can either look creative and sporty or dramatic & edgy.”

Little black dress

The concept of the little black dress is so ubiquitous that it hardly needs explaining. In fact, this cute little quiz called “The Little Black Dress Test” purports to tell you what your black dress of choice says about you. The “LBD” as it’s sometimes called is a near-universally owned and recognized basic garment that can be styled neatly for work, romantically for dinner and drinks, sophisticatedly for a night at the opera, or totally dressed down for a weekend with friends.

Choose your shoes, hairstyle, jewelry, and bag according to your activity or mood for a targeted style statement. According to Scherer’s recommendations, “If you have more of a ‘dramatic’ style personality, choosing an LBD with statement bell sleeves, a back cutout or off-the-shoulder silhouette will express your individual taste. Going for something clean and form fitting, but with a low décolletage, will give off the sexy, alluring vibe.”